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Snowflake Cornbread

Baked Snowflake

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Find Out How to Make this Lovely Snowflake Cornbread!

Turn an otherwise ugly baked good like this cornbread into a beautiful baked item that you will be proud to serve guests and family.

Nordic Ware Sweet Snowflakes Pan Reviewed – CLICK HERE to read the review and purchase the pan.




The Snake Cake

The Snake Cake


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This original cake was created with Fondant.

You can learn how to Make and Decorate Your Own Snake Cake by visiting the article linked below!

In this article, I have also included how to add that scaled snake skin look in the fondant. You will be very surprised by the method used.

How to Decorate a Snake Cake




The Marshmallow Flower Cupcakes

Cupcakes with Flowers

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A Close-up look at the Flower Cupcakes!


Learn How to Make Cupcakes Decorated with Marshmallow Flowers
This article includes step by step instructions:
How to Make Marshmallow Flower Cupcakes




The Kitty Cake Cake

Kitty Cake Cake Photo

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A Close-up look at the Kitty Cat Cake!


Learn How to Make the Kitty Cat Cake
This article includes step by step instructions:
How to Make a Kitty Cat Cake



The Peaches


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A Close-up look at Peaches!

Recipe for Peach Cobbler here: Quick & Easy Peach Cobbler Recipe


A Peach Photo is Available on a Refrigerator Magnet Here: Peach



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  1. Kathy McGraw says:

    I like that magnet and the picture of the peaches. The way the light lines lead to the upper right is very pleasing to the eye 🙂

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