Gorgeous Striped Zebra

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Every zebra has their own unique stripe pattern just like human fingerprints.

Click Here for A Information About the Zebra!



Red-Tailed Hawk

Red Tailed Hawk Photo by Cynthia Sylvestermouse
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Let Sleeping Wolves Lie – Sleeping Gray Wolf

Let Sleeping Wolves Lie

Isn’t she beautiful! This is actually a full-grown grey wolf sleeping peacefully. Looks like she is having a pleasant dream.

You can learn about the gray wolf here:

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American Robin Welcomes Spring

American Robin Photo

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Ducks in the Water

Ducks photo by Sylvestermouse

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Eastern Bluebird

Eastern Bluebird Photo by Sylvestermouse

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Inviting an Eastern Bluebird to reside in your backyard is as easy as adding the right birdhouse, facing in the right direction, in your yard. Here is the review of the proper Eastern Bluebird house, along with instructions on where and how to place the birdhouse: Wooden Birdhouse for Eastern Bluebirds Reviewed


Young Lion Couple

African Lions photo

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You an Read the Facts on African Lions and see more photos by visiting


Brown Thrasher Basking in the Sun

photo of a Brown Thrasher

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I feel quite honored to have the Brown Thrasher family once again residing in our backyard this year. They are always such delightful guests.



The Backyard Bunny

Bunny Rabbit photo by Sylvestermouse

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In spite of our dogs, we have a few wild bunnies who have taken up residence in our backyard. It is always exciting to see one out. Normally, by the time I have gone back inside and grabbed my camera, the bunny has hopped away, taking shelter in our nearby bushes. This particular bunny has gotten very comfortable with our dogs coming out in the evening and he will stand perfectly still unless one of the dogs approaches him. The pups have gotten used to the bunny as well and rarely give him any attention.

One night in February, I happened to step out with the dogs and saw the bunny. He actually waited for me to get my camera and snap a shot this time. It is still very exciting to see either of the bunnies out, but even more exciting to be able to capture a photo.



Pacing Tiger

Pacing Tiger Photo by Cynthia Sylvestermouse

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A Close-up look at Tigers!

Did you know that no two tigers have the exact same stripe pattern? Just like finger prints, they are unique to each tiger.

Find out more interesting facts about Bengal Tigers by clicking this link to the Amazing Wild Animals website.



Resting Cheetahs

Cheetahs photo by Sylvestermouse

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A Close-up look at Cheetahs!

Amazing Wild Animals – The Beautiful Cheetah



Squirrel in Fall Leaves

Squirrel Photo by Sylvestermouse

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The Barred Owl

Barred Owl Photo by Sylvestermouse

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The Beautiful Barred Owl

This beautiful Barred Owl may look like he is winking at you, but in fact, he is blind in one eye. Fortunately for him, the rangers at Chickasaw State Park found the injured owl. They saved his life by taking him under their “protective wing”. He now resides in a protected outdoor enclosure on the park premises.

A huge thanks to the men and women who care for this gorgeous Barred Owl!


Hiding in Plain Sight Kitty

Kitty Hiding in Plain Sight

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A Close-up look at the baby kitty in the photo!

Proud Grandmother of 3 Grandkitties


Our Beautiful Grandkitty’s Birthday



The Sleeping Red Panda

Red Panda Photo by Sylvestermouse

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A Close-up look at the Red Panda!

The Precious Red Panda



Seagull Serenity

Seagull Serenity

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The Resting Grizzly Bear

2011 838 b
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A Close-up look at the Grizzly Bear!

Hangin’ With the Grizzly Bear
The Magnificent Grizzly Bear on Amazing Wild Animals



The Panda

Giant Panda photo

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A Close-up look at the Panda!


This Photo has been featured on The Memphis Zoo



The Poison Dart Frog

Black & Blue Poison Dart Frog Photo by Sylvestermouse
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A Close-up look at the Poison Dart Frog!

Poison Dart Frogs



Winter Cardinals

Winter Cardinals

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The Feature Cheetah Photo

Cheetah photo
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A Close-up look at the Cheetah!

You can read more about cheetahs and hear their fascinating “chirp” here: Hangin’ With Cheetahs


This Photo is Available on posters, canvas, iPhone or iPad Cover for Purchase Here: Sitting Cheetah



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  1. Ruthi says:

    The animals are all such beautiful creatures. Sadly, I feel, too, that you’ve captured their boredom with their life place.

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